Digital Transformation Technology in Education


At the heart of digital transformation is the ability to split a single software into several instances that are hosted in self-contained secured environment. These environments exist on cloud computers accessible over the internet. Virtualization of digital services on cloud computers have two transformational characteristics that make them different from the historical technological improvements. One, is the ability to define environmental variables for services we want to provide to address specific needs. Two, is the ability to split a single software into millions of instances.

The use case for digital transformation in education is that we are capable of capturing the voice of society into pedagogy to help individuals and society adapt to change. Feedback reflecting global communities environmental specific variables informs learning reinforcement. While monitoring data establish the basis for continuous pedagogical update for true global learning communities. There is no other time in human history has a transformational cultural element with inherent disruptive capabilities posses strong attributes for mitigating its consequences on society. This program is designed to help educators and indeed global communities develop proficiencies in the integration of digital transformation to mitigate its disruptions already a part of our daily lives.

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