Business Partners

As employers whose employees reside in local communities’, partnering with local schools and colleges in various experiential and cooperative education increase the sense of pride in employees that result in high brand loyalty. An investment in serving members, vets and their families is an ideal connection with communities and individuals to tap enormous boost to brand loyalty with high returns. The psychological benefits are tangible data sources important to up-skilling your employees for improved knowledge of market needs.

Organizations are not in the business of community transition competence credentialing, Skills4Industry co-branded or 100% branded programs offer seamless plug and play industry and environment specific learning solutions. Our free integrative competence programs provide the professional development your employees need to improve productivity.

College Students

Skills4Industry Foundation cooperative education partnership is the result of well researched approaches to improved college-related outcomes that prioritize employment outcomes. Using Situated Learning opportunities we ensure durable competencies are  acquired through combined processes that are similar to the context in which they will be applied, in a journey that begins right here. Our cooperative program duration is within 12 calendar months of a school year, usually for a period ranging from 90 to 180days resulting in an industry certification or a full pathway credential.


Co-fund is a Skills4Industry Foundation funding program that allows partner institutions, businesses, and individuals to make monthly donations to volunteer tutors, mentors, and contributors to S4iHub. Teachers, tutors, scientists, engineers, other professionals and mentors who contribute to the career transitions and growth of community members are offered different compensation tiers as perks for various levels of contribution and publications. They will receive recurring payments from institutional partners who want to access their work/services and encourage their continued contribution. Skills4Industry Foundation pledges to cover payment processing costs, and match partner donations payments up to $5,000 per contributor. Contributors can use other services like Patreon and Open Collective through links to their personal profiles here on S4iHub.


Studies show that students with access to summer enrichment activities come back to school in the fall better prepared to take on a new school year, while those who cannot afford these programs often spend the first several weeks catching up on skills they’ve forgotten during the summer break. This S4iHub established by Skills4Industry Foundation for education-and-employment integration themed enrichment education for students from kindergarten to PhD is created to support pupils, students, & adult learners. As partners you have access to free educational and professional enrichment resources, above all you will be compensated for doing what you love – helping young people learn.


Leaguers program is designed to integrate school & work in elementary, secondary, and high schools globally. The program is supported by Skills4Industry integrative competence concepts taxonomy. Through the Cooperative Situated Learning Program these campus leaders are provided six months competency based learning yearly from August through March. They are also provided funding, and additional resources to run on-campus events and grow their communities. To become a Leaguer applicants must complete an online training consisting of multiple Skills4Industry modules designed to grow specific 21st century leadership skills.


School systems, here are what pupils and students are saying:

  • Classes are boring
  • We spend too much time trying to fix technology problems
  • Our community’s internet bandwidth is too slow to connect remotely
  • Teaching has been replaced by homework
  • We miss the company of other students in the classroom
  • I miss waking up and dressing for school

None of these problems are new and some have been with us for over 30 years as a challenge to improve our Digital Transformation Technology in Education skills. We have answered with a free program, because when appropriately applied, remote education offers a competitively robust learning medium. Skills4Industry Foundations’ free six months program is designed to provide competencies in needs centered planning, creating, implementing, and teaching using virtualization and intelligent algorithms to learner destination outcomes. 


For over 20 years we have been buying time from facing the realities of technological advances when the change enabled was incremental. Today, while human connections frail, our communication strategy has not sufficiently infused digital devices with mental models. Devices powerful enough to make each individual a media producer. The resulting distortions and data bias from poorly aligned mental models has resulted in the widening gap between people and the institutions designed to integrate programs for improving wellness and quality of life. Digital transformation technologies are about people, not customers, manufacturers, and service providers to mention a few occupations. This S4iHub is an education-and-employment integration themed enrichment education for individuals from kindergarten to PhD, we employ you to join and help people today.

Modeling Program for Elementary Pupils

Skills4Industry Foundation partners with educational institutions to develop themed enrichment programs. Through partnership with our Institute of Integrative Creative Studies (IICS) we work with elementary education institutions to implement school system-wide modeling competitions. Self-management is about character development at the early stages of education. This program is designed to help pupils develop a fashion sense that is important to knowing what to wear at home, work, school, and play. Including the knowledge of what is beauty that is anchored on ‘everyone is beautiful’ to help young people understand the value of self care, hygiene, and creativity. Using fashion products donated by Integrative Institute of Creative Studies (IICS) students, pupils will gain access to free modeling artifacts. Our Leaguers campus leaders in or within partner school communities manage this competitive program.  

Parents & Families

We listened and went to work when we heard from you 20 years ago that what you care about is that a family member’s education results in well paying jobs. The problem then was rising costs of education and low employment outcomes. While costs keep rising digital transformation technologies and COVID-19 combined has made the future even more bleak for employability outcomes. Today, we have triangulated programs on the most sophisticated and largest integrative competence taxonomy on earth that is powered by intelligent algorithms to ensure what it takes to earn a credential at all levels of education are inextricably linked to work and community programs..  Skills4Industry Foundation programs are designed to help you develop mastery of making the right choice between educational institutions and programs designed to measure knowledge, skills, or understanding and when they are necessary. Our Leaguers Program is designed to provide pupils & student themed integrative competence programs with robust technology tools.